Critical Self-Examination

  • Analyze your physical and mental habits
  • Identify patterns of weakness
  • Break down your cognitive biases and eliminate your blind spots
  • Develop personalized strategies for overcoming everything holding you back
  • Understand the interconnection of your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Emerging Technology Immersion

  • Connect with leading experts in AI, Synthetic Biology, & Blockchain
  • Discover the Problems that new technologies can solve
  • Learn the tools of meta-learning so that you can teach yourself anything
  • Study the business models of the tech companies you read about in the news
  • Define your place in the technology-driven Creative Economy

Hands-On, Project-Based Learning

  • Apply your new knowledge immediately to make it stick
  • Exploit the friction of creation to accelerate your personal growth
  • Collaborate in a unique community environment
  • Start being a person who takes action instead of one with cool plans & ideas
  • Push yourself to achieve more in six weeks than you have in the past year