6 weeks to build a Minimum Viable Product, forge new alliances, and launch your startup.

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“The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something.”

Seth Godin,
Squidoo founder,
author and blogger

Learn Cognitive Science
and Build Artificial Intelligence Applications

discover the possibilities

discover the posibilities

Explore the business opportunities of emerging technologies by collaborating in an immersive environment with the technical minds behind the innovations of the future.

apply new skills

apply new skills

Learn how to rapidly test business hypothesis, productize technological innovations, and build a bootstrapped startup from scratch with no prior experience.

create alliances

create alliances

Connect with new collaborators with diverse backgrounds from all over the world and forge an entrepreneurship network that will last a lifetime.

meet your fellow

nell watson

felipe matos

Felipe Matos is one of the founding fathers of the Brazilian tech startup ecosystem as a startup founder, financier, and as COO of Startup Brasil. He is the Founder of Startup Farm, the most prominent and successful accelerator in Brazil with 247 companies in its portfolio, totaling US$1.1 billion in combined market capitalization. Felipe is internationally recognized for his work in building the Brazilian ecosystem, and was among four global finalists for the Groundbreaking Innovation Prize awarded by the Global Entrepreneurship Network in 2015.

The Future of business

Entrepreneurship is about more than building a product and launching a business.

It’s about conditioning your mind to attack problems head-on, find innovative solutions, cope with extreme resource limitations, communicate a vision of something that doesn’t exist, and navigate complex human relationships.

Exosphere’s entrepreneurship course will empower you with new mental models to balance these competing demands while pushing you to focus on executing on the launch of your MVP day after day.

What You Will Learn

Cognitive Scientist

Building a Minimum Viable Product

Every business needs something to sell and somebody who will buy whatever is being sold. The process of building a Minimum Viable Product is experimenting toward this product-market fit. Exosphere’s entrepreneurship course will give you the tools and coaching you need to build your MVP.

Deep Neural Network

How to Bootstrap and Generate Revenue

Whether you plan to bootstrap your way to sustainability or to raise venture capital investment to accelerate your growth, all entrepreneurs need to be able to generate revenue. Cash flow provides more optionality and leverage to entrepreneurs than anything else, and Exosphere will show you how to do this yourself.

Practical Machine Learning

Raising Capital from Investors

From preparing a presentation to sourcing contacts to organizing the legal and regulatory compliance documentation, the process of raising capital from investors takes time and a unique set of skills. At Exosphere, you will be guided through the process so you are prepared when the time comes to raise capital.

Bayesian Program Learning

The Entrepreneur’s Mindset

Entrepreneurs think differently than everybody else. Where other people see barriers, entrepreneurs see opportunities. When other people give up, entrepreneurs are motivated to triple their effort. This kind of courage and determination starts inside the mind, and can’t be faked. It must become your psychological and philosophical reality, and Exosphere will help you get there.

Communicate your Ideas

How to Communicate Your Ideas

Being able to communicate effectively with your colleagues and other audiences like investors, customers and media is essential to your success. At Exosphere you will develop and develop the full stack of communication & presentation abilities under the guidance of experienced professionals.


$2950 USD


July 3 - August 11

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