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We are a learning and problem-solving community


Exosphere was founded on a hope. Not a hope that would be easily realized or even easy to believe, but a hope sufficient enough to pull myself, and now thousands of others, up to an elevated view of the world, human life, and what becomes possible when individuals come together to create a common cause.

From the depths of my own personal despair living in hermetic seclusion in the Andes mountains of Chile in 2012, I founded Exosphere with Andy Ellwood and Antonio Manno, two individuals with different journeys, but the same hope. Perhaps a final hope–that healing is still possible in our wounded world. That humans might use science, technology, and commerce to forge tools for the survival and prosperity of all life on our planet and no longer as weapons of destruction and agents of inequality.

A hope that human hearts and human minds–especially my own–might abandon cynicism and fear. That we might instead call on the inner riches of talent and beauty native to every one of us to shine our light on the world and make it new again. Like all hopes, it feels most days impossibly disconnected from the reality of the news and the catastrophe of our social and political state of affairs. But there are moments when the hope feels vindicated.

Whether it is walking through a lab at one of our programs and seeing the remarkable achievements of people from all over the world working together to create a solution to one of our problems, or hearing a story of personal transformation after their experience at Exosphere, the hope has more than enough oxygen to keep burning.

In the past 5 years, we have gathered 10 cohorts and 35 global workshops counting in total more than 2,000 individuals, representing 50 countries, to live, learn, and create together. Together they have built technologies, founded companies, forged lasting bonds with each other, and changed themselves from the inside out. It has been honor to have been invited into the lives of so many remarkable people and to have myself been changed by the experiences.

We are building Exosphere to be an enduring institution that will continue this work well beyond our own lifetimes so that one-by-one, every human can flourish, live peacefully with each other, and our founding hope becomes the lived reality of all who inhabit our truly precious planet.



Exosphere is a learning and problem-solving community whose mission is to build enduring institutions that foster a thriving global civil society and ubiquitous human flourishing.


Exosphere envisions a world of conscious, self-reliant individuals who have developed the competence to come together in pursuit of their own spiritual growth and a mutual desire to understand, transcend their differences, and collaborate to apply their talents and commitment to lifelong learning to solve the common problems of the human species.


Because we are building a new kind of institution, it is difficult to describe our values in a few words and be effectively understood. But if you would like to begin exploring our worldview with us, here are some of the values we seek to embody, along with the writings that best represent them:

Self Reliance and Individual Agency from Ralph Waldo Emerson & Søren Kierkegaard
Personal Growth, Civility, and Community from M. Scott Peck’s books The Road Less Traveled, A World Waiting to Be Born, and The Different Drum
Antifragility, from Nassim Taleb’s Incerto series
Human-Centric Technology, from Jaron Lanier’s books You are Not a Gadget and Who Owns the Future?
Applied Rationality, from Daniel Kahneman’s book Thinking, Fast and Slow
Subjective Experience & the Vigour of Living from If by Rudyard Kipling and A Psalm of Life by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Our Founders


Founder & Rector


Co-Founder at Exosphere

Our Academic Leadership


Dean of Cognitive Science & Machine Intelligence

Dean Watson FBCS, FIAP, FRSA is a world-renowned autodidact engineer, entrepreneur, and futurist thinker who grew up in Northern Ireland. She is a sought-after thought leader and speaker on Machine Intelligence, AI philosophy, Human-Machine relations, and the Future oF Human Society with a longstanding interest in the philosophy of technology, and how extensions of human capacity drive emergent social trends.

In 2010 Nell founded Poikos, a machine learning-driven ‘AI for for body measurement’. Her patented technology ‘dematerialises’ the 3D body scanner by providing accurate three-dimensional scans of the body with only 2D camera hardware, such as that found in smartphones and laptops with applications in mass customization and personalised health.

Possessing a long-term mindset, Nell serves as Senior Advisor to The Future Society at Harvard University and technology advisor to several startups, accelerators, and venture capital funds. She is also Co-Founder of, an ‘ethical explication engine’ that aims to crowdsource ethical heuristics for autonomous systems.

In her spare time Nell enjoys coding games such as her startup life simulator, Founder Life, which teaches mindfulness and the psychological habits necessary for entrepreneurs to consistently execute under pressure.


Dean of Synthetic Biology & Ecological Science

Dean Eich is a biotechnologist, futurist, and entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in teaching, educational media, and Open Science in both the public and private sectors in Brazil.

She has developed new approaches to teaching science and cultivating scientific thinking to empower individuals and communities. Her primary focus is in synthetic biology and entrepreneurial biohacking with experience and core competencies in Molecular Biology, CRISPR, De Novo Synthesis, and personalised medicine.

Ms. Eich holds a graduate degree in Biotechnology from State University of Maringa (UEM) where she researched Medicinal Plant Molecular Biofactories “Plant Medicinal Molecular Biofactories,” a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Science and Technology from Federal University of Alfenas (UNIFAL) and is is currently completing a Degree in Environmental Engineering at UNIFAL.

A true polymath, Provost Eich’s academic background includes a Degree in Portuguese & English Literature and a Degree in Strategy in International Trade, in which she researched Technology Transfer to Developing Countries.


Dean of Blockchain Engineering & Technosocial Convergence

Dean Mohammed is a multidisciplinary technologist and thought leader in the emergent field of Blockchain who has worked extensively as a researcher and cryptographer in both academia and industry, including as Lead Security Architect at both HSBC and Lloyds Banking Group in London.

Dr Mohammed serves on the Advisory Board of Ripple, the Blockchain Advisory Group, and Effective Altruism Ventures, and is an advisor to numerous Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), including Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. In addition to being a Medical Doctor, he holds a MSc and PhD in Information Security from Royal Holloway, University of London.

Board of Advisors

Andy Ellwodd

Andy Ellwodd

President at Basket & Founding trustee at Exopshere Foundation



Senior Director, Partnership Marketing at Major League Soccer



Principal at Ribbonfarm Consulting



Co-founder at Qurtuba Publishing House



Founding Partner at Local industries



Senior Director, Global brand Marketing at Nike



Creator of D-Shape 3D Printing Tech & Founder of Monolite UK



CTO at OneSkin Technologies & Founder and Director at SyntechBio



We know that we aren’t alone. Our mission is to continue searching out and connecting everyone who shares this vision and wants to embrace their agency to be a force for change and good in the world.

By changing a bit of your thinking, learning relevant skills, and surrounding yourself with the right people, you can build whatever you envision. At Exosphere, you get all three.

No matter who you are, where you come from, what your background is — you can seize control of your future.
It’s your journey, and Exosphere is here to help you along the way.


Exosphere is a learning and problem-solving community helping people create more meaningful lives for themselves and working to improve the world around them.


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