We believe in a renaissance of humanism that puts curiosity, learning, and creativity at the forefront of the human experience. We see technology as an artistic expression --in service of other people-- that makes life healthier, more meaningful, more efficient, and full of variety. We believe in a world where each person can delight in the variety of her own creation and in the creations of others.

Such a world can only exist when people are free. We see the entrepreneurial and creative spirit as a sustainable path to freedom.

There are two pain points in life that we believe are the source of most of our everyday suffering: doing work that is out of alignment with our calling, and broken relationships with other people. With entrepreneurship, we can resolve the former, and in community, we can heal the latter.

We see education as the entry point for this battle. Rather than talking about education reform, we are actively experimenting with alternative models and formats for inspiring and helping people to pursue a life of intentional, self-directed learning. We envision a world where this style of education starts in kindergarten and continues into old age.

The transformation of education is an essential step to make science and technology more accessible to the average person around the world. It is essential to see self-reliance as the dominant life attitude in the world, instead of the current paternalism and passivity. It is essential to see the formation of new institutions that can aid people the way that is needed in the 21st century.

Community is a founding principle for us. It is inextricably linked to our identity. We believe that only after we accept and transcend our individual differences are we able to fully appreciate each other’s unique talents and unleash our true creative and productive potential.

Many participants will come to Exosphere looking to forge long-term friendships and business relationships while others may not. In the case of the latter, we will provide a process and framework that they can use in the future as they build collaborative relationships outside of the Exosphere community.

True community elevates and empowers each individual to be more than he or she could be on their own, and enhances our understanding of the human condition so we can better meet people’s needs in both our personal lives and our entrepreneurial endeavors.

"We believe that only tenacious, aggressive entrepreneurs can leave a mark on the world."

This core philosophy of community is inspired by the writings of the late American psychiatrist and author M. Scott Peck, and in particular his books The Different Drum and A World Waiting to be Born. To understand why we value community so much, here is a beautiful little story we read out loud on the first day of the Exosphere boot camp. It is called The Rabbi’s Gift.

Exosphere is here to meet you where you are in life. Whatever your situation, your age, your level of education, your nationality, we are here to help you begin your journey to have a fulfilling and impactful life. What matters most to us is an alignment of goals and shared values. If you find this alignment, we hope you will join us in a new way of approaching learning, a better way of approaching entrepreneurship, and a focused pursuit of technological and artistic progress.

We understand that, every now and then, we all get lost. We need guidance in order to transform ourselves and reconnect with our calling. We look for people that want to improve their mindset, skills and relationships in order to find their path again.

Exosphere has developed a unique process to help guide you from the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey through passion discovery, problem identification, MVP development, branding, and product launch with immediate hands on application grounded in sound theory.

Fundamental to the success of business is the understanding of a simple, but oft-forgotten truth: the sine qua non of business is to make money. We help our participants unlearn many of the junk practices that have become common on the entrepreneurial scene by focusing on identifying viable products, validating them in the marketplace, and generating revenue from the beginning.

Unlike other programs, Exosphere is focused first and foremost on the cultivation of battle-ready entrepreneurs more than on the launch of businesses. Success in all endeavors in life rises or falls due to the qualities of the people involved. As a result, much of the Exosphere experience is focused on personal growth: learning self-discipline, identifying and correcting personal weaknesses, updating the map of your context, and developing the ability to cope with rapid change and adapt to living amidst the uncertainty and ambiguity that the entrepreneur faces every day.

We believe that a solid foundation must underpin long-term success in entrepreneurship and a key component of that foundation is a spirit of life-long learning. Consequently, Exosphere participants will arrive with the expectation that they will pick up new skills in an individualized and self-directed way under the guidance and mentoring of the Exosphere faculty, whose backgrounds include coding, design, business development, finance, and engineering. The faculty experience includes dozens of successes and failures, which are vitally important in helping guide expectations and emotions in the early stages of any new path.

Unlike traditional education, where curricula are imposed on students in a one-size fits all prescription, Exosphere employs a dual process of interest counseling and organic discovery to help our participants identify the skills they need or want to learn and then equip them with the mindset and resources necessary to pursue their learning goals.

"True community elevates and empowers each individual to be more than he or she could be on their own."

All first steps must be derived from an internal fire that motivates you to get up in the morning, even when the world is against you, and everything is going wrong. We believe that only tenacious, aggressive and self-reliant people can leave a mark on the world. As technology has catalyzed an unprecedented era of economic growth and human development since the first industrial revolution, we embrace it as the driving source of further increased prosperity. We want you to join us in changing the world through technology, art and entrepreneurship.