Yaroslav Smirnov

Russia, 39 years old

Entrepreneurship - Teleport VR (The first VR travel agency)

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“I did not know anything about this part of Brazil. It was the first time in my life I heard about the city of Florianopolis. But I was excited. Having visited a lot of places in the world before, the continent of South America was still an uncharted territory for me. I was happy to know that I will see a new place and meet new people. I also hoped that this new experience will open up a new chapter in my life.”

Yaroslav Smirnov has worked in marketing and advertising for 17 years. Over the course of his career he has worked for some of the most well-known brands in the world, most notably Microsoft, Red Bull, and Coca Cola. Crafting strategy for country wide campaigns, he has a knack for big picture thinking while also being able to dive deep into the details of actual implementation. This has earned him a stellar reputation in his field and made him a highly sought after professional.

At the same time he has always been interested in a broad range of subjects outside the corporate world. Psychology, filmmaking, esoterics, sailing, Pilates, coding, trading – no discernible pattern emerges other than a general, strong curiosity and the will to get up and DO things. Having learned of Exosphere several years ago he had been looking for a way to participate for quite a while. So when the opportunity came, he decided to grab it, take the leap and enroll.

“It is an interesting combination of what you would normally expect from an educational program and some unexpected techniques. Community building was one of those things. It provided an interesting mechanic for introspection and dealing with the psychological part of forming a team and building a business. It was also good to realize that the program practically oriented with a strong "act, don’t speak" philosophy. Another important point is that the whole Exosphere team were very friendly and helpful during the whole program.”
“I feel that something changed in me during these two months. I do not yet realize what exactly it is and what it will bring into my life. And even though I do feel a bit of uncertainty since the future is unknown, I am more confident now about two things: (1) I know who I can rely on most in my endeavors (i.e. myself) and (2) there are now people in very different parts of the world I can easily reach out to for advice or help.”


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