Viktor Futó

Slovakia, 23 years old

Coding Course - Entrepreneur, Coder

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“I had usually been the odd one out: intelligent, driven, curious, and a huge math geek. But I also constantly second-guessed myself, even when my gut was telling me to go for it. I needed to change something because I felt stuck, and needed a way to move on.”

Viktor Futó has always seen computers as the most efficient tool for creation and self-expression. Even before he got his first machine at four years old, he remembers pretending to use a computer he had built out of Cheva blocks (the soviet version of Lego) and some stray wires, and then pretending to program it. Through a stroke of luck, in 1999 his family got one of the earliest internet connections in Slovakia. As he slowly engaged with the magic of computers, having long been passionate about encyclopedias and learning, he gradually started to realize the many possibilities this medium held. Finally, at 12 Viktor realized that he would not actually be able to read all the world’s books and know everything in his lifetime.

But instead of letting himself get discouraged, he resolved to search for and discover a way of organizing information and improving the learning process such that comprehension of any subject would come as easily as walking down a red carpet. It was there and then that the idea for Brainec was born: the project to identify and build that red carpet technology of learning. Growing tired of working on side projects, at 18 he finally followed his love and started coding. But after grappling with the problem for so long, Viktor was searching for a way forward and finally found it in Exosphere Academy.

“I find the experience hard to describe. Sure, you learn important skills, build strong relationships, and become part of a powerful network – all that is true. But it’s more than that… I don’t know exactly what happened during that time, but I feel like my linear line of progress changed into an exponential one.”

Viktor came to Exosphere looking to take Brainec to the next level. Diving deep into topics like lean startup, design thinking, and the mechanics of building a sales funnel, he took highly theoretical ideas and made them tangible. With the help of his course mates he built, scrapped, and rebuilt the project’s code several times. His work payed off when Cisco invited him to demo the platform to their Executive team. Today, he finally has a product he can be proud of, and already professors in Czech Universities are starting to experiment with Brainec in a learning setting.

“I understand now that mostly it's me and people behind the project who are responsible for its success. There's no such thing as ideal environment, customers or conditions - one has to bring it up for himself. One cannot be just tinkering with the forces of change, one has to be the force of change itself.”


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