Laura Bui

France, 26 years old

Design & UX Course - Entrepreneur

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“I was in prep school. I returned from a year of acting in London and went back to La Sorbonne Paris IV for Literature. I was working on my startup and realized I needed to add something new to my life.”

Laura was really interested in theatre, acting, and even directing. She worked at a production company in the City Cinema of Luc Besson. She learned alot about the business and decided to open her own production company with a famous music producer. They worked on many audiovisual projects together. She also directed TV shows and wrote scripts and screenplays.

She then created a new startup called Allmedia. She was doing everything she could to develop the project on her own. But she grew tired of “being alone, and fighting in the water.” Their team had trouble finding the appropriate platform to tell the world about their startup. She realized that she needed new people in her life, to learn UX, and to meet other ambitious people doing cool things.

“I wasn’t necessarily looking for Exosphere. I didn’t find it myself. I knew I needed to meet new people, get more skills and new ideas. And I needed to go to a far away country to go deep inside myself to find my real motivations. When I met PA, he told me about Exosphere and that it would change my life. I decided to follow his lead, and I’m glad I did.”

After her time at Exosphere Academy, she went to China with her friend PA to demo his project at Fab12. He was a keynote speaker talking about MakerNet. She returned to France and is working with her team to develop version 2 of Allmedia.

“What I am still most impressed by is the people I met at Exosphere and their radical dedication to helping other people. The time spent on community building was an amazing human experience. Exosphere’s vision of what is wrong with society and how to fix it, still deeply resonates with me. I was able to remember why I was suffering for my cause, why I launched my startup, and why I was still working to bring this vision to life. I want to build a better society on the principles that are taught at Exosphere Academy. ”


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