Exobase is the evolution of the principles and lessons learned by Exosphere's founding team and our global community of members and advisors. These successes and failures have been distilled into two days of intense, focused learning.

Exobase will introduce the experience of the entrepreneurial mindset, intentional community, and self-reliance, as it relates to life-long learning and personal growth. Participants in Exobase will gain new perspective on their current career trajectory, understand what skills and ideas will be most valuable for their future endeavors, and be exposed to the real-life lessons from others who drew a line in the sand and took action on creating the life they wanted.

Venue: wework
175 Varick Street
New York, NY 10014


Day 1 - June 14th
9:00 am - The Reality of You: Part I

Begin the process of examining yourself, your life, and your achievements so far to assist you in bringing your hidden assumptions to the fore. How does where you thought you would be at this stage of your life compare with where ... Keep Reading

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"New York Exobase was an incredible experience for me--the start of a new life journey. I haven't found anyone else talking about these theories and mindsets. They express the spirit of a real pragmatic community where I found inspirations, confirmations, and people who share similar principles and ideas. These two days represent for me the fuel of an internal and external engine."
-Tiziana Guarini

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Hosted by Andy Ellwood

Andy Ellwood was born with the gift of gab and raised with an overdeveloped self esteem. While making a name for himself with his caffeine fueled hustle, he's seen more than his fair share of ups and downs on the journey of the entrepreneur.

From selling life insurance to selling private jets for Warren Buffett early in his career, Andy knows first hand what life on the front lines of sales looks like. He leveraged those lessons into his roles leading business development and partnerships for Gowalla through to their acquisition by Facebook 2011 and for Waze through to their acquisition by Google in 2013.

Andy lives in New York City with his wife, Annie Fitzsimmons, and their rescue dog, Rocco.


Chris Noble

Noble got his start raising money for environmental causes and running political campaigns across the US. But then he realized two important things: 1) He’s good at organizing groups of people, and 2) he hates politics. For 18 years, he’s worked for or led a stream of startup companies in a variety of industries. Some crashed, some sold, and one went public (so that’s ok).

Whether he’s CEO or product guy, or somewhere in between, Noble describes his most common role as: “Being wrong, in the right direction.” His main focus now is at Causemedia Group, a digital agency that brings Brands and Consumers together for social good.

Sara Davidson

Sara is a marketing maven and business strategist who helps teach purpose-driven entrepreneurs how to build highly impactful and profitable businesses that make their hearts sing while pushing the human race forward.

After spending years marketing and building major brands & tech startups, she now helps ambitious entrepreneurial changemakers fearlessly give their gifts to the world so they can make a huge difference and achieve big, bold dreams. Whether it’s through her radio show, consulting firm or the soon-to-be-launched HelloFearless.com, she is the go-to for all things related to launching, growing and scaling businesses aimed to unlock human potential and change the world.

Vadim Fiddle

From 1984 to 1990, Vadim was involved in creating various businesses in digital telecom and fiber optic technology, in areas of R & D, personnel training, various joint ventures with companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

From 1991 - present, he's been the President/CEO of Atlantic International Trading Group, Inc., a company focused on wholesale and export of made in the USA branded health and beauty products. Vadim is also the President/Owner of Branded Products, which focuses on the wholesale of branded products made exclusively by L’Oreal USA. As a mentor with Exosphere, he assists aspiring entrepreneurs in creating and sustaining successful businesses. Vadim also serves as a member of Global Business Team, and Hong Kong Association of Southern California.

Gretchen Sword

Gretchen Sword has worked on the sales and business development side of venerable publications such such as Quartz, Bloomberg, Forbes and Esquire Magazine.

She presently is working with Lerer Ventures on two of their portfolio companies as the chief strategy officer. Prior to that, she successfully advised and implemented strategy to a number of start ups through their successful acquisitions or rounds of financing.

Most recently she was National Director for Quartz – a business news website and brand she helped build as employee number 3 and a founding team member. Quartz has now grown to a team of more than fifty people, has won accolades for its innovative, new native-advertising model, and is recognized as a leader in business news. Before Quartz she spent four years with Bloomberg Media Group working on their technology show, Bloomberg WEST and other special projects.

Clay Hebert

Clay is a social marketer, an entrepreneur and graduate of Seth Godin's unique MBA program. One of the world’s leading crowdfunding experts and the founder of CrowdfundingHacks.com, Clay has helped over 50 entrepreneurs raise over $5 million (and counting) on popular crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

A popular speaker, advisor and mentor to corporations and startups, Clay engages audiences around the globe on crowdfunding, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and the future of work.. His work and writing has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, Lifehacker, Entrepreneur and Fast Company. Clay blogs at ClayHebert.com and CrowdfundingHacks.com and can be found on Twitter @clayhebert.

Ali Hamed

Ali Hamed is a co-founder and managing partner of CoVenture, a firm that invests in pre-seed startups. At CoVenture he also leads the deal team, works with portfolio companies on downstream funding strategies and with product development. Before CoVenture Ali consulted for governments, international corporations and domestic financial firms. He’s spoken at the United Nations, multiple universities, and at other venues where nice people ask him to.

Ali also co-founded his own NLP startup in 2010, is a co-founder of the co-working space the POPSHOP and is a mentor to multiple accelerator programs.

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