Exobase Medellín was the first Exobase in Latinamérica and the first to be delivered in spanish. In partnership with Ruta N and as a part of the “Comuna Innova” program, more than 30 young minds working on innovative projects, gathered at Ruta N’s headquarters to continue their growth and development.

“El Exobase fue una experiencia genial en el ámbito del aprendizaje y de lo social. En el del aprendizaje fue muy importante escuchar y aprender de la experiencia de alguien que sabe de lo que habla que tiene un conocimiento muy amplio acerca de lo que nos expuso y nos dio la oportunidad de compartir nuestros pensamientos y retroalimentarnos, alguien que tiene toda la credibilidad del caso por el conocimiento que ha adquirido desde su experiencia.

Por otro lado, la forma de comunicarse y el enfoque de Carlos rompió la barrera de jerarquías con nosotros, nos habló y aconsejó como amigo y su humildad es algo que lo hace una persona increíble. En cada una de sus conversaciones aprendí lo que no he podido aprender en años, porque simplemente te da la credibilidad a través de su experiencia y conocimiento.

- Angy Gomez // Exobase Medellin Participant

"Exobase made us open our minds to look at all those little mistakes that in some way wouldn't let us make the right decisions. It allowed us to feel, create, learn, and grow not in inches or age but grow as a person. Carlos gave a great experience to all of the Gestores de Innovación of Ruta N, and it was undoubtedly THE BEST WEEKEND OF MY LIFE. I have no words to express my appreciation."

- John Stiven Quintero Garcia // Exobase Medellin Participant

Venue: Ruta N

2 Days - August 30th & 31st


Day 1 -
9:00 - How Did You Get Here?

Begin the process of examining yourself, your life, and your achievements so far to assist you in bringing your hidden assumptions to the fore. How does where you thought you would be at this stage of your life compare with where ... Keep Reading

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Carlos Miceli

Carlos is a business strategist, career hacker and communicator born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who sees himself as a lifelong learner with a strong entrepreneurial spirit in everything he does. He has launched business or worked from Argentina, Chile, Australia, China and the US.

He's Co-Founder of Exosphere and Founder of JumpLab, a private spanish-speaking online group where ambitious professionals can update their professional paradigms, and connect with the relevant information and people that they need to boost their careers.

Previously, he worked as Innovation Advisor in the Buenos Aires Government, helped market two best-selling books, sold his first internet company, and worked as a Top Clients Sales Executive in Telecom Argentina, where he beat his sales objectives with clients such as Visa, AMEX and ADT.

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