Exobase is the evolution of the principles and lessons learned by Exosphere's founding team and our global community of members and advisors. These successes and failures have been distilled into two days of intense, focused learning.

Exobase will introduce the experience of the entrepreneurial mindset, intentional community, and self-reliance, as it relates to life-long learning and personal growth. Participants in Exobase will gain new perspective on their current career trajectory, understand what skills and ideas will be most valuable for their future endeavors, and be exposed to the real-life lessons from others who drew a line in the sand and took action on creating the life they wanted.

"It's always about means and ends. Exobase is a mean to look firstly into yourself. The best way I've ever experienced, because they figured out how to put the right words in the right places and help you discover your own thoughts.

There is no start-up, university, school, or incubator which teaches you to go so deep into yourself. A radical dedication to the truth is what makes Exobase really different. I found myself wanting more and more of that--because the truth deep in yourself is always asking to come out. The ultimate end is the truth."

- Nicolai Suhaci // Exobase Venezia Participant

"This was a great experience for me even though I didn't really know the people involved and the entire project in general. But I have never met anyone who can link so many seemingly different disciplines and philosophies. And more importantly, make these things work for people. By work I mean that these disciplines made us think, guess, ask, and interact with each other in so little amount of time. I feel lucky having participated in Exobase and I hope as many people as possible can experience it. I like to think of Exosphere as a great, powerful "enzyme" that can accelerate and make "reactions" that otherwise could stagnate forever."

- Alberto Berton // Exobase Venezia Participant

"New York Exobase was an incredible experience for me--the start of a new life journey. I haven't found anyone else talking about these theories and mindsets. They express the spirit of a real pragmatic community where I found inspirations, confirmations, and people who share similar principles and ideas. These two days represent for me the fuel of an internal and external engine."
-Tiziana Guarini // Exobase NYC Participant

"Honest reflections about personal and entrepreneurial development, this is what I mainly got from the two days Exobase in Barletta. It is a unique experience, for those who want to become an entrepreneur, those who already have a small business, or, probably the most common case, for people trying to understand themselves better and the direction their professional life has taken."

- Giovanni // Exobase Barletta Participant

Venue: Parque Austral
2 Days - September 8th & 9th

$1.099 ARS // $135 USD
*Payment can be made using the electronic form below or in person to Martin Borchardt.


Day 1 -
9:00 am - The Reality of You: Part I

Begin the process of examining yourself, your life, and your achievements so far to assist you in bringing your hidden assumptions to the fore. How does where you thought you would be at this stage of your life compare with where ... Keep Reading

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Skinner Layne

Skinner has founded both successful and failed start-ups, and has raised more than $10 million in early-stage financing in addition to acting as a private equity advisor to multiple energy projects in excess of $100 million and has established formal relationships with global energy funds.

He grew up in a small town in Arkansas and has previously been an Enterprise Web 2.0 consultant to NASDAQ companies and was, at the age of 23, the youngest person to sit on the board of directors of a Sarbanes Oxley-compliant publicly traded company in the United States. Skinner is a former speechwriter and senior strategist to U.S. Senator John Boozman. Skinner has been living and doing business in Latin America since he moved to Chile before the 2008 financial crisis.

Carlos Miceli

Carlos is a business strategist, career hacker and communicator born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who sees himself as a lifelong learner with a strong entrepreneurial spirit in everything he does. He has launched business or worked from Argentina, Chile, Australia, China and the US.

He's Co-Founder of Exosphere and Founder of JumpLab, a private spanish-speaking online group where ambitious professionals can update their professional paradigms, and connect with the relevant information and people that they need to boost their careers.

Previously, he worked as Innovation Advisor in the Buenos Aires Government, helped market two best-selling books, sold his first internet company, and worked as a Top Clients Sales Executive in Telecom Argentina, where he beat his sales objectives with clients such as Visa, AMEX and ADT.

Martin Borchardt

Martin is an Argentinian entrepreneur. He has global business experience in different countries, such as China, US, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile. He views himself as someone who is constantly looking for opportunities to improve the world, not only through business, but also through charity and helping others achieve their goals.

Currently, he is the Co-Founder of Crucero Celeste y Blanca (Mundial Brasil 2014), and La Movida “Taller de Futbol” (NGO), as well as a contributor to other info products and businesses of which he is a minority partner.

He has a college degree in Business Administration from “Universidad de San Andres (BsAs, Argentina)”. He has also been completing various entrepreneurial courses and seminars since he graduated from college. He participated in the Exosphere Boot Camp in Q4 of 2013.

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