Exobase is an intensive 2-day introspective journey about your life, options, and calling that provides a set of practical philosophies and tools to help you take your next steps.

If you are like most people, you probably aren’t leading the sort of life you really want. You see your boss, slightly overweight, come into the office in the morning with bags under his eyes, lamenting the futility of his life and you think to yourself: “Oh no! That’s gonna be me in ten years.” You still have goals that you want to achieve and you crave more fulfilment. Fortunately, the necessary changes are within your control to make.

When the way you spend your time is out of alignment with your calling, you will be in pain. You may not yet know what your particular vocation is, but you know that what you are currently doing isn’t it. Or maybe you have known for some time what you should be doing, but you were afraid of doing it, or perhaps have just been unsure of taking the first steps. Nothing could be more important to your life and happiness than determining your calling and pursuing it with all of your energy.

Our Exobase workshops are designed to be a place where external pressures can be momentarily bracketed so that you can think about your life and goals with ease of mind.

We believe that everybody has the potential to create a meaningful existence and make an adventure out of their life, and in two days we will help you figure out the first steps.