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Providing Elite Education to the World's Isolated Genius

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3,000,000 Young Geniuses.. Isolated

They possess the cures for disease, 
solutions to climate change,
inventions for space travel, 
and so much more.

Alone, their potential will be wasted.
Alone, their lives will be difficult.

You can help change that. 

Since 2013, Exosphere has empowered and taught isolated geniuses through its various Academy programs. Over 1,200 people from 45 countries have attended these programs run by members of it's global learning & problem-solving community. The Exosphere Academy is building the educational institution of the future through experimental residential programs in Latin America and workshops throughout the world, especially focused on individuals who are ignored or underserved by current status quo institutions.

Imagine a young Einstein, with all the potential to shake the foundations of physics bound up in his mind. Imagine how much he must have yearned for connection to those who could improve his thinking and stimulate him. Those he found, to be sure, in Europe in the 19th and early 20th Centuries. 

But imagine if he had been born in Karachi, or Lagos. Imagine if our Karachi-born young Einstein had been a woman, or gay.

Justin, Lucas, & Gabriel hosting a wine-making workshop for other students

Alan Turing was an extraordinary genius the likes of which the world only sees once or twice a generation. He was British, not Pakistani, and helped save the world from fascism, but even then he was persecuted, harassed, and tortured until he committed suicide at the age of 41. 

If this was the reality for a gay genius in 20th Century Britain, imagine the plight of the millions of young, marginalized brilliant minds in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia, or the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, or the remote villages of the Andes, and even those in rural and inner city America, in communities where brute strength rather than intellect and ability is still the measure of a person. 

Work/play balance, a picnic on the dunes during a Saturday afternoon

All around the world, these isolated geniuses hide in plain sight. Some because they've been told their dreams are too big to pursue and they should “be realistic” and settle for a “normal life” or else face the prospect of being ostracized or persecuted. You have probably met one and didn’t know.

Or maybe thought you saw that sparkle of genius below the surface, but never could see more than that. Maybe you have lived your own story of isolation, or perhaps you remember a family member or friend you grew up with were one yourself or grew up with who struggled to the place they belonged. We know because this is our story too.

The Why of the Exosphere Foundation

Tangible Impact


We are recruiting a group of dedicated monthly donors to fund scholarships for “Isolated Geniuses” to attend the Exosphere Academy programs


Executing on a capital campaign for the purpose of buying Exosphere’s core infrastructure which will free the Academy from some of the more limiting constraints imposed by monthly rental expenses


Raising capital to endow the Fellows of the Academy to detach the ability to afford more specialized research and teaching from current revenue constraints

How Your Donations Help

You can join us in building the most resounding response to this problem the world has ever seen by becoming a supporter of Help: Now and Forever campaign.

50% of all donations to the campaign go to the immediate support of scholarships for talented youths to join the Exosphere Academy of Science & the Arts.

The other 50% goes to the the Academy’s endowment trust to provide permanent support to the world’s talent long into the future. 

Mauro working in the synthetic biology lab

Donating to foster the thriving of brilliant minds is the highest leverage way to change the world. Small investments can have almost infinite returns.

For the past four years, even as it has bootstrapped its entire operation, Exosphere has nevertheless been providing scholarships for remarkably talented people who have hailed from places as diverse as Prague, Mumbai, and Arkansas. We are asking for your support to expand what we have already been doing.

A group of students posing after the infamous "Sandcastle Challenge"

Wasted Genius Talk at TEDx

Help by giving An Isolated Genius A Chance to Thrive

Donate Today

Viktor after sharing his Brainec project with Executives from Cisco

What we are building at Exosphere is a tech and educational ecosystem dedicated to meeting people where they are in life and supporting them to pursue the true desires of their hearts and minds.

We are asking for your help to find these isolated geniuses and through your generous giving, they can attend the Academy. Here they can develop their ideas, create their inventions, and build the future, today. We hope you will accept the call.

Disturb the Universe,
The Exosphere Foundation Trustees

All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible