Software Development

8 weeks to immerse yourself in the skills that are driving the development of the most revolutionary technologies in the world.

Course Level: Beginner   |   Required Experience: None   |   ALL OF OUR COURSES ARE ON-CAMPUS

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Become a Developer and Transform the Intersection of Software & Hardware

Discover the Possibilities

Discover the Possibilities

Explore the new ways software is being used to transform the world, and find your inspiration to join the ranks of the future.

Apply New Skills

Apply New Skills

Learn how to code by actually coding in Exosphere’s unique, international, immersive, and project-driven educational environment.

Create Alliances

Create Alliances

Connect with new collaborators with diverse backgrounds from all over the world and forge alliances that will last a lifetime.

The Future of Software

Fluency in code is becoming critical in scientific research, biotechnology, and more.

Exosphere’s Software Development course is your gateway to an exciting new career working at the cutting edge of revolutionary emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Data Science, and Internet of Things.

Whether you want to become a professional coder or learn how to navigate the world of software (which is eating the world!), our introductory course is the perfect place to start.

“In short, software is eating the world.”

Marc Andreessen, internet pioneer and entrepreneur.

What You Will Learn

Software Development

Basics of Software Development

Becoming an effective software developer isn’t just about being able to code, it’s also about the tools and skills to collaborate with others. Exosphere will help prepare you for the entire range of skills needed to transform ideas into working software.

Emerging Technologies

Coding in Python

Not only is Python one of the easiest languages to get started learning, it is also one of the most powerful and versatile. Our project-based approach will have you coding in no time, working with your peers to build real, working software.

Code in Python

Python for Data Analysis

Explore the powerful uses of Python in the burgeoning field of data science, which is being used to inform everything from finance to retail to politics, and is shaping our social reality more than almost any other force.

Data Analysis

Software in Emerging Technology

Discover how software is eating the world and transforming even the oldest, most traditional industries while learning how to apply your new coding skills to develop machine learning applications.

Communicate Ideas

How to Communicate Your Ideas

Being able to communicate effectively with your colleagues and other audiences like investors, customers and media is essential to your success. At Exosphere you will develop and develop the full stack of communication & presentation abilities under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Tuition & Dates

$2950 USD

19 JUN - AUG 11

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  • High-speed internet
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** Brazilian residents

Our Campus

Cidade Universitaria Pedra Branca Santa Catarina



Exosphere Academy attracts people from all different stages in life. There have been 16 year olds who wanted to learn new skills during their summers. We've had both current college students and those who skipped the traditional university experience. Then people in their 30s who were looking for a fresh start in a different field. We've even had students over 50 who realized it’s never too late to learn new skills and start making a change.

Bottom line, the Academy is for people who see and want more from life. The traditional script just doesn't work for us.
It all started in 2012. Since then, Exosphere Academy has conducted 9 on-campus programs and just over 40 shorter workshops in cities all over the world. Learn more on the about page.
No, currently we only offer on-campus courses. We have found that living and working together yields greater benefits and provides more opportunities to develop better projects and deeper relationships.

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