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  • Florianópolis, Brazil

"Do I Dare Disturb the Universe?"

The future contains an infinite number of possibilities. Will you pioneer this future or be a passive observer?


Do you want to build apps because they make investors happy? Do you want to be limited to only tinkering with technologies the tech giants choose to make available?

Or do you want to live in a world where technology lifts people up? Technology that inspires, solves problems, and truly improves the lives of people.

If you desire the former, apply to a random startup incubator. If you desire the latter, consider joining the Exosphere Academy.

We’re building a place where people who see and want more from life are not only welcomed, but sought after. Where having intelligent face-to-face conversations about game-changing ideas happens on a Tuesday. And then building them together with the help of in-house experts is the plan for Wednesday.

Courses for June Term

(June 19 - Aug 11)

Bringing It All Together

Course time is focused on the nuts and bolts of building projects. What about the human-centered part? Enter, the core curriculum.

Learn how to rally people around your ideas, how our brains trick us via biases (and how to overcome them), and how to design products and services that help solve people problems.

If you are going to build a human-centered future, then you must understand yourself and other people. Level up your skills in communication, design, psychology, business development, storytelling, economics, and more.


It’s all about collaboration. No one is smart enough, talented enough, or rich enough to do it alone. As a part of Exosphere Academy, our best resource will become your best resource—people. Workshops and activities encourage cross pollination of ideas.

Looking at problems from different angles, and building transdisciplinary teams to build solutions to problems. Courses are hands-on, full speed, and project-based to facilitate real learning.

Alumni Stories


Slovakia, 23 years old

Coding Course - Entrepreneur, Coder

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Viktor Futo


France, 26 years old

Design & UX Course - Entrepreneur

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Laura Bui


USA - 24 years old

Biohacking Course - Biochemist, Glass Blower, Researcher

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Alex Borrelli


Russia, 39 years old

Entrepreneurship Course - Teleport VR (The first VR travel agency)

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Yaroslav Smirnov

Are You Willing to Go?

A human-centered future is possible.

By changing a bit of your thinking, learning relevant skills, and surrounding yourself with the right people, you can build whatever you envision. At Exosphere Academy, you get all three.

No matter who you are, where you come from, what your background is, you can build this better future if you have the willingness to jump in with both feet.

Just say “go.”

Sign up now and start your path to pioneering the future!


Exosphere Academy attracts people from all different stages in life. There have been 16 year olds who wanted to learn new skills during their summers. We've had both current college students and those who skipped the traditional university experience. Then people in their 30s who were looking for a fresh start in a different field. We've even had students over 50 who realized it’s never too late to learn new skills and start making a change.

Bottom line, the Academy is for people who see and want more from life. The traditional script just doesn't work for us.
It all started in 2012. Since then, Exosphere Academy has conducted 9 on-campus programs and just over 40 shorter workshops in cities all over the world. Learn more on the about page.
No, currently we only offer on-campus courses. We have found that living and working together yields greater benefits and provides more opportunities to develop better projects and deeper relationships.