8 weeks to immerse yourself in the technologies that are changing biology and life science as we know it.

Course Level: Beginner   |   Required Experience: None   |   ALL OF OUR COURSES ARE ON-CAMPUS

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Develop World-Changing Projects in the Exciting Field of Synthetic Biology

Discover the Possibilities

Discover the Possibilities

Explore the ways biology is shaping the evolution of technology and understand its many different applications to human problems.

Apply New Skills

Apply New Skills

Learn how to “do biology,” conduct lab research, test your hypotheses, build prototypes, and communicate your work to others.

Create Alliances

Create Alliances

Connect with new collaborators with diverse backgrounds from all over the world and forge alliances that will last a lifetime.

The Future of Biology

Personal Biology is rapidly becoming the new Personal Computing.

The wealth of opportunities opening up for development of new products and services based on biotechnology makes the field the new frontier of startups and entrepreneurship.

You might feel intimidated by it, but these opportunities are within your reach. At Exosphere’s Biohacking course you will learn the basics to demystify biology and access its tremendous potential.

"If I was a teenager today, I would be hacking biology"

Bill Gates

What You Will Learn


Basics of Laboratory Work & Experimentation

Technological breakthroughs are the result of disciplined, consistent adherence to the experimental process, accuracy in record-keeping, and precision in the use of tools & instruments. You will get up to speed in the lab first so that everything else you do is built on a solid foundation.

Synthetic Applications

Synthetic Biology applications

Plunge into the concepts and vocabulary of the life sciences and learn how to navigate the world through the lens of a biologist--identifying relevant information and speaking the language of the field.

Grow Organisms

How to Grow Organisms

Biology is the study of living things, which means you need to know how organisms grow and how to keep them alive. At Exosphere’s Biohacking course, you will learn how to grow and nurture an array of organisms from bacteria to plants to fungi.

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering Techniques

Learn the basics of biological engineering through the manipulation of genetic information in organisms and explore the vast possibilities of its application to medicine, industry, environmental conservation & rehabilitation, architecture, and even art!

Communicate Ideas

How to Communicate Your Ideas

Being able to communicate effectively with your colleagues and other audiences like investors, customers and media is essential to your success. At Exosphere you will develop a full stack of communication and presentation abilities.


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19 JUN - AUG 11

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Exosphere Academy attracts people from all different stages in life. There have been 16 year olds who wanted to learn new skills during their summers. We've had both current college students and those who skipped the traditional university experience. Then people in their 30s who were looking for a fresh start in a different field. We've even had students over 50 who realized it’s never too late to learn new skills and start making a change.

Bottom line, the Academy is for people who see and want more from life. The traditional script just doesn't work for us.
It all started in 2012. Since then, Exosphere Academy has conducted 9 on-campus programs and just over 40 shorter workshops in cities all over the world. Learn more on the about page.
No, currently we only offer on-campus courses. We have found that living and working together yields greater benefits and provides more opportunities to develop better projects and deeper relationships.

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