Exosphere is a learning and problem-solving community.

Two Days
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Eight Weeks
in Chile

Turning ideas into real projects starts with discovering the internal fire that motivates you to fight inertia, get started, and persist when it is easy to quit.

Build Your Fire

Our Philosophy

Build the Life You Want

Develop your strategy to take the first step,
or take a leap and go on an adventure

  • Two-day experience in a city near you
  • Gain new perspective with the Exosphere philosophy
  • Connect with other people asking similar questions
  • Break your routine and examine your career trajectory
  • Begin creating new options for your life

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  • An intensive 8-week program in Chile
  • Learn how to face challenges with entrepreneurial grit
  • Remove distractions and build something real
  • Focused mentoring to support and guide you
  • Join our global network

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