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Jan 9 - Mar 3, 2017 // Cidade Pedra Branca, Santa Catarina, Brazil

The Exosphere Academy's 8-week residential program

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Shift your thinking and take two months to live, work, learn, and create in a totally new and unique context


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The nature of work is changing.

This has dramatic implications for your future. Predictable work with stable pay becomes more illusive each day. Still, most institutions continue to prepare you for this outdated model of the world’s economy.

You must adapt.

You must also learn how to keep adapting. By continuously learning and building relationships you can find novel ways to create value for others and thrive in the Creative Economy.

Others have already made this jump. With the right skills, you can join them. Transform passions into professions. Discover new interests. Build a life in this new and exciting reality.

"The coming job apocalypse is actually good news. It means you have the opportunity to take control of your life and set its own direction.

Embracing the unknown, dedicating yourself to learning new skills, and reinventing yourself for the Creative Economy is a more exciting and fulfilling way to spend life than showing up every day to a job you hate, no matter how safe it may feel."

– Skinner Layne, Founder of Exosphere

Build Your New Career

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Co-Learning & Co-Living

An Immersive, Hands-On Approach

The Exosphere Academy’s 8-week program will help you find your place and navigate your life and career in the Creative Economy. Build new expertise in a specific domain and foster your curiosity & creativity by working on projects with your new peers.

The program is divided into different “streams” that are connected through our unique core curriculum to foster cross-pollination of ideas and interdisciplinary exchange.

Core Curriculum

Communication &
Social Intelligence

Business Skills &

Psychology &
Personal Growth


A mix of dynamic subjects to foster creativity & collaboration

Mars Colonization

For as long as humankind has been conscious, the stars and visible planets have guided us and inspired us, and few celestial bodies hold the special place in our imaginations like Mars. The closest planet with the conditions to sustain a colony, Mars is our species’ stepping stone into deep space exploration.

But it is not just romantic fantasy to want to colonize the Red Planet--the technological developments required for such a colony will dramatically improve life here on earth too. Indeed, by reaching outward into the universe, we will discover more than we can by merely sending unmanned probes, and we will open new frontiers for human flourishing.

The Mars Colonization stream will be identifying and understanding the technical and social barriers to establishing the first outer space colony in our solar system and prototyping solutions to those problems.

Learn about Exosphere’s past experience with Space Elevator research.

The fellow for the Mars Colonization stream is Susan Jewell, MD.

Susan Jewell, MD

Dr. Susan Jewell MD, has extensive knowledge and experience in many aspects of medicine, space, space medicine, while having an undying passion for the pursuit of colonizing Mars. She is a graduate of both the International Space University (ISU) and Singularity University (SU). She has participated in training programs at the US Space and Rocket Center, NASA training, and Aeronautical training. She is the founder of Mars Without Borders, and has commanded many crews at the Mars Desert Research Station. All of her endeavors are focused on Humans-to-Mars and deep space explorations with a mission and vision for building and training analog astronaut crews. This includes development, testing, and successful implementation of technologies and capabilities for Humans-to-Mars settlements to enable the development of human colonies on the Martian surface.


Entrepreneurs bring something new into the world in spite of the extreme limitation of resources facing them. If you want to bring something new into the world, to Disturb the Universe, whether through making a product, creating new works of art, or starting social projects, the entrepreneurial mindset is essential.

Understanding how to innovate around problems rather than just throwing money at them, the entrepreneur unlocks trapped value in society and frees it for other uses, capturing a profit in the process. Your study of entrepreneurship at Exosphere will be hands-on and real. You won’t be sitting in a classroom, listening to lectures about business. You won’t be building a simulated business. You will be thrown into the gauntlet of really trying to start something, and guided through the process.

It won’t be easy. Your perseverance will be tested to the utmost. You’ll probably fail--many times! But if you dedicated yourself to never giving up, you will be transformed into a problem-solving force that is capable of creating a more prosperous world and leaving a legacy for the future.

The Entrepreneurship stream has a team of full-time and visiting fellows.

Entrepreneurship Fellows

Entrepreneurship is best approached and understood from multiple angles. This is why the entrepreneurship stream has a team of international fellows who have extensive experience in all facets of the entrepreneurial journey --

Skinner Layne
Simona Popa
Andy Ellwood
Juan Carlos Asensio

Alternate Reality Design

From Game of Thrones and Disney World to Pokemon Go and World of Warcraft, the art of designing immersive alternative realities that inspire, enrapture, and entertain is among the most exciting forms of creative expression. This incredible future dwarfs its already remarkable past. As Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies increase the number of possibilities for reality design, the demand for otherworldly experiences continues to skyrocket, with no end in sight.

If you are or aspire to be an artist, costume designer, storyteller, writer, game maker, animator, videographer, or other creative genius, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity. Immerse yourself in an actual Alternate Reality Design project with other forward-thinking creative minds from around the world.

During your 8 weeks at Exosphere, you will learn and collaborate in the design process for an Alternate Reality project from beginning to end. Learn the tools and strategies that will make your skills more valuable to potential clients and partners in the Creative Economy.

The fellow for the Alternate Reality Design stream is Fabio Hofnik.

Fabio Hofnik

Fabio Hofnik is passionate about how technology and storytelling can be merged to create an intense and immersive experience. He has been an audiovisual creative since 1998. He is originally from Brazil, and he developed projects in Israel from 2004 to 2008 for local TV and Web. During the last few years, he has been a Transmedia researcher and creator. He produced an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) for the TV series LOST focusing in Latin America. Now he is the head of Imersivos, the company behind Immersive Live Experiences for cinema aficionados. While researching this immersive topic, he hosted the first commercial Virtual Reality conference in Brazil in July 2016 for 400+ people, bringing together the local companies and 15+ panelists.

Renewable Energy & Nanotechnology

What if we could power cities with microbial organisms whose by-products were desalinated water, hydrogen, and cleaner soil?

These are among the groundbreaking possibilities in microbial fuel cell technology. Merging biology and materials science, the Renewable Energy stream at Exosphere will work on prototyping and developing this technology as well as the nanotechnology that makes it work. The stream will focus not only on energy generation but also the future of energy storage in the form of supercapacitors. These technologies and more will be explored through scientific experimentation and product engineering."

The fuel cell prototypes will be designed to accomplish different tasks: hydrogen generation, desalination, power generation, and electrolysis. The stream will teach you about a variety of microbes, the process of hydrothermal synthesis, how to prepare graphene and other cutting edge carbon materials for use as electrodes, as well as preparing and working with semiconductors.

You will not only be immersed in the real methods of science, but also learn about the intersections of physics, chemistry, and biology to create more environmentally sustainable technologies for a greener, healthier world.

The fellow for the Renewable Energy & Nanotechnology stream is Justin Atkin.

Justin Atkin

Justin is a scientist and inventor who took an interest in nuclear fusion at age 14 and built a fusion reactor to study neutrons. A self-learner and tinkerer, he has worked extensively with a wide assortment of technology from nanomaterials, nanorobotics, graphene and other next generation carbon materials to vacuum systems and even developing his own supercapacitors. He is currently working on a colony of microbiota that could help clean the oceans, capture carbon, turn it all into building materials, and produce energy at the same time. He is also a firebreather, a spray paint artist, and has made his own cello. He studied biology and genetics at Carleton university in Ottawa, Canada. When he's not at Exosphere, he splits his time between work at the university and his homebrew lab.

Bioremediation & Genetic Engineering

Are you concerned about the health and vitality of our planet? Frustrated that more isn’t being done to address the key environmental problems facing us all?

The best way to channel your frustration is to apply your talents and abilities to creating real and practical local solutions that chip away at the problem. Don’t waste your time hoping that politicians and corporations will magically start doing the right thing before it’s too late.

That’s what Exosphere’s Bioremediation stream is all about: getting your hands dirty to make the world cleaner. For 8 weeks you will engage with projects that transform waste into usable products, extract carbon and other pollutants from the air, make architecture more carbon neutral, and accelerate the growth of plants to naturally sequester more carbon.

Learn hard skills like growing plants, how to conduct scientific experimentation, how to work with other organic materials and immerse yourself in the subjects of biology and environmental science with your new mission-driven allies from around the world.

The fellow for the Bioremediation & Genetic Engineering stream is Gabriel Licina.

Gabriel Licina

One of those guys that is molding the world we live in through technology, Gabriel is a biologist who gained worldwide fame after developing night-vision eye drops. After studying in Washington state, he decided that the academia life of research was not exciting enough and moved to sunny California to build his own lab. Now he is back in Seattle working on low cost life extension technology and making science education more accessible. He is a firm believer that the things happening now have the potential to have long term positive effects on what it means to be human and how we live on this planet. He is not just participating, but pushing this movement forward.

Blockchain App Dev

Bitcoin, the first crypto-currency, was invented in 2009 and has since grown up to a $9 billion market capitalization, sparking an explosion of innovation not only in payment systems but also in the broader digital economy. Its core development, the blockchain, now powers a multitude of emerging products and services promising to bring transparency, financial autonomy, and security to digital commerce. With the advent of Ethereum, a blockchain 2.0 platform, we are witnessing the introduction of smart contracts to the world. Thanks to strong adoption by the developer community, its high-level scripting language Solidity powers a growing number of projects like Eris & Rootstock.

Having organized the world’s first residential Ethereum Course, Exosphere now offers cutting-edge training to the next generation of developers for the demands of the rapidly changing, high-growth blockchain industry. The Blockchain App Dev stream combines an intensive 2-week Solidity Language Course with an extended Hackathon for building your first decentralized application, or “dApp”. As a participant you will not only join the Creative Economy – you will build it.

The fellow for the Blockchain App Development stream is Shlomi Zeltsinger.

Shlomi Zeltsinger

Shlomi has been actively involved in the fields of Bitcoin and blockchain technology since Bitcoin first emerged in 2009. His expertise lies in the technical side of blockchain networks. In 2014, he started producing blockchain related coding tutorials on youtube where he has thousands of views on his channel. Shlomi's philosophy is that bitcoin & blockchain technology should be both accessible and understood by the people who use it. He is a consultant to a number of international companies on blockchain opportunities and challenges.

Drones & Robotics

Robot-assisted heart surgery is already happening. Drones are delivering goods the same day you purchase them on Amazon. Harvard recently released details on the Octobot, the first entirely soft autonomous robot. If one thing is certain, it’s that robots and drones are going to play a central role in future innovation and entirely new platforms.

This stream will teach you how to design and build robots and aerial drones, operate the 3D Printers to prototype new designs, program the machines, and even to design new forms of tests and competition for them. You’ll be soldering, writing some code, training with VR simulators, flying, racing, crashing, learning some physics and aerospace engineering, and much more.

Whether you are an experienced hacker or wanting to get started, the Drones & Robotics stream will give you the most fun and hands-on learning experience of your educational life. It will teach you hard skills that will be valuable in any field of technology emerging from the Creative Economy today and into the future.

The fellow for the Drones & Robotics stream is Artem Litvinovich.

Artem Litvinovich, PhD

Artem holds a PhD in Technical Sciences from the Moscow Aviation Institute. He is a computer scientist, electrical engineer, tinkerer, and inventor. He has been published by five leading science journals. In his free time, he designs and develops technologies in his lab such as procedurally generated computer environments, 3D printers, molten salt batteries, multiband and time-lapse cameras, and… DRONES! He holds a column on tech consultant Venkatesh Rao’s blog, Ribbonfarm, and shares most of his home made garage-lab inventions on Orbides, his personal site and on his YouTube channel.

Python Programming

Software is eating the world, and being able to code is one of the surest ways to stay relevant in the Creative Economy. Exosphere’s Python Stream is designed to kick-start your journey into the world of software development in one of the world’s most in-demand programming languages. Python is the backbone to some of the most popular internet companies, like YouTube, Reddit, Dropbox, and Instagram.

Used by data engineers, scientists, academics, and enterprise for data processing, and business intelligence, Python is the gateway into more advanced technology creation. With Python, you can start programming drones, creating Artificial Intelligence applications, and other emerging and exciting fields that are destined to reshape our reality.

Unlike online courses which will frequently leave you confused and frustrated, with only Google to turn to for help, Exosphere’s approach to teaching coding will give you a personalized experience in a supportive context where you can not only learn the mechanics of coding, but begin collaborating with others by putting your new skills to work in our internationally diverse, multidisciplinary environment.

Roberto Panai, PhD Candidate

Roberto studied Pure Math (Differential Geometry) in Italy and New Zealand. He is currently a PhD student at the University of Auckland, awaiting his thesis defense. He is a passionate teacher with experience teaching in 3 continents. He started programming with Linux and FOSS in 2003. He discovered Python in 2007 when his Mathematica licence expired and he found a useful alternative in SageMath. Python quickly became his preferred language because of it's ease of use and extensive ecosystem.

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Alumni Praise

Why students recommend the Exosphere Academy to their friends

The Exosphere Academy is a wonderful intellectual experience. The students are wildly diverse and the staff is warm and welcoming. The opportunity to travel to a different country sets the tone for vast self growth in a stimulating environment. The tenacity and drive of Exosphere to disturb the universe is inspiring and they do an incredible job of providing positive learning vital for the new creative economy

Alex Borrelli
USA, 23
Biohacking Stream

As a young entrepreneur, I struggled for a long time before knowing who I was and what I wanted to do. I joined the Exosphere Academy to help launch my project, but I didn’t expect how life changing it would be. I learned more about myself during the program than in the last 5 years. Most importantly, I learned how to learn again. Exosphere empowered me, and the overall experience was one of the most influential of my life.

Laura Bui
France, 24
Design & UX Stream

When I first heard about Exosphere, what really got me really excited was coming to a place where people from all over the world were willing to share their experiences and knowledge on subjects that I really loved and wanted to learn more about--entrepreneurship, science, coding, design, and business. It has been amazing to learn so many different ways to make that into reality; my personal project of cleaning polluted water, group discussions on the future in relation to transhumanism, and redesigning commercial supply chains, just to name a few. But the true source of strength, that will bring about this change we are creating, is the community.

Mauro Pestana
Brazil, 34
Biohacking Stream

I really enjoyed going through the motions, sometimes it was overwhelming, but I never assumed disruption was easy. The program deploys holistic techniques, starting with developing good habits, freeing you from the shackles and then going for the new economy. However, the real value lies in the pervasive interaction in a multi-talented, multi-cultural environment. You don’t just pickup cross-domain skills, you make friends and durable partnerships.

Udit Chauhan
India, 44
Design & UX Stream

Cidade Pedra Branca

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Stunning natural beauty and abundant outdoor activities to stimulate your creativity


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