Pioneer the Future

What does the future look like to you?

Do you see it as flying cars and jetpacks? Meals in the form of pills? Friendly robot maids that make your bed and make you laugh? What would that mean for you and your life?

There’s also the dark side of our technological future... If you’ve seen shows like Black Mirror or Westworld, you’ve seen this darker future.

Full of vain technologies, addictive alternate reality worlds, and rogue self-aware machines. What would that mean for you and your life?

Opening credits of Westworld, showing a host being created

You already have access to gadgets more powerful than those seen on Star Trek. But we haven’t always made progress so fast.

One of the most transformative technologies of human civilization was the steam engine. Where was it invented?

18th Century Britain, right?

Well, you might be surprised to learn that you are off by a mere 1,700 years and 5,800 kilometers.

The first plans for a steam-powered engine were developed by the 1st Century Greek mathematician Heron of Alexandria. He called it the Aeolipile.

Let that sink in for a second... Why do you think it took so long to get steam engines powering factories, boats, trains, and kicking off the industrial revolution?

Why do you think we waited to use that technology to improve our quality of life, reduce human labor, and solve human problems with this transformative piece of technology?

Honestly, it’s a simple answer. And I will tell you here in a second.

The future is a fascinating prospect. It has the potential to exceed all of your great expectations. Both for you personally and for humanity at-large.

But history shows it isn't inevitable. Technology doesn't have a life of its own. It's propelled by you, me, and everyone else.

It's not just the scientists and engineers working in labs who are necessary for technological progress, but people in business, design, politics, and the home.

Just like it took us centuries to put wheels on luggage, it took humankind 1,700 years to figure out how to apply steam-powered technology to our problems.

Here is the answer—it is because innovation is not just about the tech itself, but its application to the problems we face. It is about the ways it can be used, distributed, consumed, and repurposed.

A human-centered future is full of untold possibilities. But to reach this future, it requires us to create human-centered technology.

You can pioneer this future.

All you need is the willingness to go.

The pioneers of the past had a dream, a curiosity, and made the decision to take the first step.

You can be the scientist, philosopher, CEO, engineer, artist, producer, or any number of roles in the future. But you must have the willingness to go.

Exosphere is here to help you with the rest. Exosphere is here to help you make sense of the changes happening around the world, learn new skills in emerging technologies, and provide you with a community of open-minded people to help you at each step along the way.

With the right information and people supporting you, you can do what most think is impossible. We are already living in our grandparent's sci-fi fantasies.

Don't wait for the next generation, get started now and build your dreams.