- Forge yourself into a person of Conscious Action
- Immerse in the technologies reshaping the world
- Go on an exciting adventure and determine your next steps in life

  • Florianópolis, Brazil

Traditional education gives you the tools to conform to reality.

Exosphere gives you the tools to transform it.

Critical Self-Examination

Emerging Technology Immersion

Hands-On, Project-Based Learning

Choose Your Focus

(July 3 - August 11)

Our Why

We envision a future that is more conscious and humane. We are working to develop the human talent and foster the technologies that lead us there. A world in which our systems and institutions foster the highest and best attributes of what it means to be Human rather than neglected cogs in an ever-decaying machine.

A world in which our tools and technologies are designed to enhance our goodness and spread prosperity rather than shamelessly profit from our baser instincts.

A world in which we strive after Truth, Beauty, and Love rather than Status, Money, and Power.That is, we want to build a world that is truly wealthy, not merely rich.


Breakthroughs in science & tecnhology, as well as successful businesses, are produced at the intersections of different disciplines and life experience. By cross-pollinating ideas, collaboration is the most effective way to truly unlock the ideas hidden in the crevasses of society's imperfect models for understanding the world.

Looking at problems from different domain perspectives and building transdisciplinary teams to build solutions to problems, Exosphere is a hands-on, project-based educational environment that facilitates better learning.

Alumni Stories


Slovakia, 23 years old

Coding Course - Entrepreneur, Coder

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Viktor Futo


France, 26 years old

Design & UX Course - Entrepreneur

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Laura Bui


USA - 24 years old

Biohacking Course - Biochemist, Glass Blower, Researcher

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Alex Borrelli


Russia, 39 years old

Entrepreneurship Course - Teleport VR (The first VR travel agency)

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Yaroslav Smirnov

Disturbing the Universe Together

We know that we aren’t alone.

Our mission is to continue searching out and connecting everyone who shares this vision and wants to embrace their agency to be a force for change and good in the world.

By changing a bit of your thinking, learning relevant skills, and surrounding yourself with the right people, you can build whatever you envision. At Exosphere, you get all three.

No matter who you are, where you come from, what your background is, you can seize control of your future.

It's your journey, and Exosphere is here to help you along the way.