We bring people together from around the world through education and cutting-edge technologies. Unlock your genius at our 8-week educational courses on entrepreneurship, science, and technology.

  • Florianópolis, Brazil


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A better future is possible. Education, technology, and entrepreneurship is the way to build it.

We make emerging technologies and entrepreneurship more approachable, affordable, and inclusive through educational courses.


Can you imagine what a better future would look like? A future where every human, including you, has the opportunities to achieve greatness.

Imagine a tomorrow where the sciences, humanities, and creative fields are accessible to all people and connected by what is a necessity to all human beings: stronger relationships and a desire for self-realization.

We believe it is only by each one of us doing our part and taking action that we can make this future a reality. Unlock your genius and change your future.



Exosphere Academy’s Core sessions are developed to widen your perspective and develop your lifelong learning plan.

They will help you understand developing emerging technology trends while building your soft skills in addition to your selected course knowledge.

Sessions will cover topics such as emerging technology, transhumanism, sociology, communication, business development, sales & marketing, and more.


The approach fosters the collaboration of students and cross pollination of ideas to develop transdisciplinary projects between courses.

You will share sessions, open work time, and mixed workshops with other students to identify points of intersection between disciplines and team up to develop transdisciplinary projects.

“Our advances and explorations remind us that humans have evolved to wonder, that understanding is a joy, that knowledge is a prerequisite to survival.”

Carl Sagan


Optimists agree that opportunities for increased innovation and productivity can be beneficial, provided that policy, education, and workers can adapt to the challenges faced from accelerating technological change.


In an age where science and technology are propelling us forward at accelerating rates, you have the power to define the future.

Being part of the future is not a decision you can opt out of. However, choosing to play your part, and making the future what you want it to be is. No matter who you are, where you come from, what your background is, there is always a role for you to play.

By making technology and entrepreneurship more approachable, affordable, and inclusive to you, your whole world changes. We make this possible through education.

You just have to believe.

Believe that understanding and working in emerging technology with the right human-centered approach will provide you with a path to improve your personal and professional life.

And with it, a path to a brighter future as a whole, for everyone.


The Exosphere Academy (EA) programs attract people from all different stages in life. There have been 16 year olds who wanted to learn new skills during their summers, both current college students and those who skipped the traditional university experience, people in their 30s who were looking for a fresh start in a different field, and even some over 50 who realized it’s never too late to learn new skills and start making a change.
The first program was in September 2013, called the Exosphere bootcamp. Since then, Exosphere Academy has conducted 9 on-campus programs and over 25 Exobase workshops in cities all over the world. Total number of participants is just over 1,200. Learn more in our About page.
Yes! All of our courses have been developed so that any person, no matter their past experience, background, or skills can join. We work with personal education plans for each student which allow you to get the most out of the course under any circumstance.

EA is most interested in curious and motivated individuals who are willing to put in the hard work that it takes to learn new skills and build solutions to real problems. People who wake up and commit to solving the problems of that day, no matter the size or shape.
No. This program is on-campus and by being so, fosters cross-pollination of ideas and collaboration among different fields. We have found that actually living and working together yields greater benefits and provides more opportunities to develop transdisciplinary projects, build longer-lasting relationships, and reliable networks.
That depends on your plans for after the program and the options available to you in your current situation. This is an immersive program that will require around 30 hours of your time just for the in-person content. This number does not include time spent working on projects, collaborating with other students, social activities, and study/research time.

If you have doubts about your time commitment, mention this in your application and we will talk to you about how we can tailor the program to suit your availability and needs.